Feeling Gloomy Celebrity Songlists


In partnership with SANE and Spotify


We asked lots of of lovely celebs for their fave 'sad songs that make you happy' in support of SANE's Blue Mood Month. These playlists will inspire people of all ages to create and share their own music.


Communicating in this way will raise awareness of mental health, encourage everyone to talk more openly and engage people in SANE's 25th Anniversary Black Dog Campaign.


Follow the links below to hear the celebrity choices on Spotify and spread the word to help banish the winter blues through the power of sad songs.


Stephen Fry


What stops Fry's eye from staying dry when he might cry? Click here to find out!



Brett Anderson


The Suede frontman gives us his pick of sad songs that make him happy.



Griff Rhys Jones


Comedian, actor, writer and clearly, music fan.



Rob Da Bank


Radio DJ and Bestival supremo gives us his choice of tracks to soothe the soul.



Wayne Hemingway


He may be the genius behind Red or Dead, but what sounds make him blue?



Tim Key


Find out what tunes the cult poet gently whistles to himself as he takes a long, hot bath of an evening.


Ricky Wilson - Kaiser Chiefs


The top indie frontman is not only a sharp dresser, but has a natty taste in sad songs too.


Feeling Gloomy  

Jenny Eclair


Click here to find out what the comedian might stick on her iPod on a cold winters day.

Feeling Gloomy  

Adam Ant


The New Wave hero gives us his pick of sad songs that make him happy.

Feeling Gloomy  

Beverley Knight


Click here to listen to the soul singing superstars gloomy tune choices.


Mike Byrne


Will the Smashing Pumpkins drummer have picked any tunes that he hasn't played on? Click here to find out.


Frightened Rabbit


They may be top indie rockers, but when they're blue, they listen to music by other people. Click here to find out what's on their gloomy list.


Tim Pigott Smith


What sort of sounds does the actor listen to when he's not appearing as a star of stage or screen. Click here to find out.

Feeling Gloomy  

James Carrington


Click here for the singer's sad song playlist.



Check out which sad songs the SANE team picked.


Dan Stevens

Want to hear what the Downton Abbey star plays on the gramophone to lift his soul? Click here to listen!


Alastair Campbell

Which records does he spin (ahem) when he's feeling down?

Feeling Gloomy  

Kele Okereke - Bloc Okereke


What sad songs will one of the coolest kids on the Bloc (ahem) have in his Blue Mood list. Click here to find out.

Feeling Gloomy  

Jamie MacColl - 

Bombay Bicycle Club


Even top rockstars shed a tear sometime. Find out what Jamie listens to cheer himself up when he's down.


Jo Brand


Click her to find out what songs Jo Brand sticks on her stereo to keep her feeling chipper.



Mat Horne


The top actor has put together his list of melancholy tunes to cheer him up.


Feeling Gloomy  

Alex Horne


What makes this bearded funnyman weep like a small baby? Click here to find out...



Find out what the singer-songwriter and producer counts as gloomy when it comes to his record collection.


Graham Norton


What song does Graham Norton listen to when he's not appearing on a telly near you? Click here to find out.



Ruby Wax


FInd out what soothes the blues for the presenter, comedian and author.



Mark Morriss

Click here for the Bluetones front man's selection of melancholy ditties.

Feeling Gloomy  

Eleanor Oldroyd


The sports presenter and broadcaster shows us which songs she plays to lift her mood.

Feeling Gloomy  

Trevor Lock


Which songs does the does the comedian and presenter to find solace in during these dark times.

Feeling Gloomy  

James Rhodes


The classical pianist gives us his take on a sad song playlist.


Even Morrissey helped out!

Err, actually we didn't ask him, but he may have chosen these songs if we had.

Feeling Gloomy  

Len and Cliff


And of course... Len and Cliff have their very own special selection of misery. Find out what keeps them reaching for their hankies.